• 下載連結顯示亂碼:長按您收到的下載連結並複製網址,開啟手機網頁瀏覽器 app(如 Safari、Google Chrom)中貼上網址並開始下載。
  • 請勿透過其他社群平台 app(如 Instagran、Twitter、Messenger 等)中所開啟的網頁瀏覽頁面下載,此將導致下載連結產生亂碼。
  • 下載檔案較大通常為 100 – 400 mb,請確認您的裝置有足夠儲存容量。
  • 下載時間依網路速度而定,通常為 1 至 2 分鐘。下載前請務必連接穩定網路連線。
  • 因檔案大小關係,下載時請勿關閉或離開下載頁面並請耐心等候。

Download Issues

Our download links have a download limit. If you could not download, please read information below before you again. Please do not click the download link repeatedly before re-downloading, in order to avoid reaching download limit.

Troubleshooting common download failure issues:

  • Long press the download link you received, copy the URL. Open the mobile web browser app (such as Safari, Google Chrome, etc.), paste the URL and start downloading. Please try to avoid downloading the browsing page temporarily opened through other platform apps (such as Instagram, Twitter, etc).
  • The download file size is 100 – 400 MB, please make sure your device has enough storage.
  • The download time depends on the internet speed, it usually takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete the download. Please be sure to connect to a stable network connection before downloading.
  • Do not exit out or close your web browsers and wait patiently during downloading.